Site Review of

The initial impression which this website gives is quite professional and attractive. The graphics give it a slightly retro air which is appealing. The layout is straight-forward and it is easy to navigate around the site. The set of links on the left hand side work effectively, but tabs or a more sophisticated menu would make the various topics easier to identify. All the tested links were live and the font, graphics and layout were consistent across all the pages looked at. Some animation, pop ups or other focal points would be an improvement, as the current site is quite bland and doesn’t really catch the eye.

The text is weak and needs reworking in some depth. The grammar is poor and the punctuation inconsistent. Long sentences and paragraphs have been employed which are difficult to read. It is hard to remain focussed on the points being made when the text is so convoluted. Some of the information appears to be irrelevant to UK drivers who are looking for short term car insurance. Shorter sentences, punchy bullet points and key reasons why customers should purchase car insurance through this site would work much better. In its current form it doesn’t inspire confidence in the product.

It is disconcerting that the “Get a Quote” link takes the user through to a quote information page administered by a different company. The site gives the initial impression that “” is an insurance provider, rather than simply an information site which includes links to other companies. Although the relationship between “” and the provider is explained in the “Contact” section of the site, this discrepancy does not inspire trust that customers are dealing with a bona fide provider.

In summary, considerable effort has obviously been put into the site in order to inspire confidence. Worryingly it is not immediately clear that “” is a gateway rather than an insurance company. This detracts considerably from customer confidence. The lack of animation, limited focal points (for example offers and discounts) and wordy text result in a site which does little to attract customers. There is a need for significant CRO (conversion rate optimisation) work on this site before it is of sufficient calibre to generate much business.

Unfortunately I would not be persuaded that is trustworthy and mature enough to have my business were I in the market for short term car insurance.