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    Buying Short Term Insurance

    There are a number of companies in the UK selling short term insurance for cars - that is, insurance that lasts from between one and 28 days. We have reviewed several of the better ones.


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    Buying Insurance Online

    You should always be careful when buying products online - is the company genuine, can they be trusted with your credit card details? Always buy insurance from a company that is authorised by the FCA, and then you can be sure that they have been properly vetted.



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    Picking a Policy

    Many people buy on price alone but is this the best way? Think about how reliable the provider is - have they received good online reviews? Check for any hidden extras too, and make sure you are comparing like for like.


Review of www.carinsurancefor1day.co.uk

Carinsurancefor1day.co.uk is a UK site that helps people who want to buy insurance for their vehicles compare different packages so as to choose the best that suits them. The site offers easy and user-friendly navigation and in addition to all that, access to the site is easy and within a few seconds you can find out whatever is offered.

Firstly, the site has very little legal verbiage as most of the terms and quotations are straight and up to the point, lots of verbiage usually confuses users as it makes it harder to navigate the websites to get what they need. The site has a Terms and Conditions tab where once you click, it shows you the general conditions as pertains the usage of the site. It will also inform you what manages the site and of any changes as they come about. You are acquainted to the different definitions of words as used in the website for instance ‘You’ Your’, means the user of the site or the one intending to use it. The whole overlay of the site is quite informative and user-friendly.

Another aspect of the website is the precise layout, this really comes in handy as no one likes to use a cluttered workplace. One would actually like to work in a clear and accurate layout, this is a brilliant way of the website managers to ensure a low bounce rate since unclear and cluttered websites is the leading factor contributing to high bounce rates.

A variety of age groups can use the web site comfortably, whether you are a new car owner, an experienced car owner or an experienced car driver. The site gives you loads of information and advice on the different packages to get that would suit your car insurance. Short term car insurance is ideal for car owners in need of a quick and very affordable solution in comparison to long term contracts.

Carinsurancefor1day.co.uk has an overview of the products they have on sale. In addition, the site will link you up with other insurers as it suits your needs, although they will be keen to provide you with the necessary advice in accordance with what you would like, making it very suitable as it is very flexible.

An improvement the site should consider, is to highlight the different headings in such a way as to make it easier for users to navigate to the page in case they need more specific information, especially on the Terms and Conditions section.